Peace of Mind

You will have peace of mind knowing your child’s play-based learning activities and experiences are being met within a small group in a relaxed home environment.
With a ratio of one adult to four children your child will have plenty of one on one attention.
Gingerbread Cottage Ltd Policies and Procedures ensure that your child is treated with respect and dignity at all times.
Your child will have many opportunities to interact with other children at our weekly playgroups. These are held at our own venue where we offer a wide range of learning experiences.
Monthly excursions out into the wider community are organised by our Visiting Teachers and this gives your child the opportunity to be involved in activities such as going to the park or the zoo. There is no extra cost to parents for these excursions.
Educators are encouraged to participate in community groups such as library groups and music groups, so although your child will be cared for in a home environment there are plenty of opportunities to interact with other groups of children.
All of our Educators are parents or Grandparents themselves – you might say they have “been there done that” and are now using the skills learned with their own children.
All Educators must hold a current First Aid certificate and are encouraged to complete a level 4 Early Childhood Education qualification.
Your child will have a visit each month from a trained Early Childhood teacher (Visiting Teacher), who will also meet with you at the Enrolment process and will keep in regular contact with you about your child’s development.
If your child attends another service such as Kindergarten or Kohanga Reo , arrangements can be made for transport to and from the venue.
Extracts from ERO reports
“Children are receiving good quality education and care in responsive and friendly learning environments”
“Educators welcome children into attractive, interesting and well-equipped homes. Children also benefit from attending playgroups, music groups and gymnastic sessions and from visiting places of interest in the wider world.”
“A feature of the service is the positive and respectful relationships established between visiting teachers, educators and children. Supportive interactions enhance children’s developing social and communication skills. Children confidently approach educators who are highly responsive to their interests and needs. The small group size encourages children to develop friendships and work co-operatively with others. Children benefit from strong family-based values that develop their emotional well-being and sense of belonging”
“Educators provide stimulating learning environments for children which promote interest and learning”


Good communication between Educators, Visiting Teachers and families/whānau ensures a greater understanding of the needs of all parties. Gingerbread Cottage promotes communication in many ways, some of which are detailed below.
Family/whānau are invited to participate in surveys and reviews that are appropriate and applicable to their child’s care and education.
You are able to contact our Visiting Teachers at any time – by email, mobile and landline phone during office hours.
Our Office Administrator is available during office hours to assist you with your enquiries and an on-duty Visiting Teacher is available after-hours when assistance is required
We communicate with parents and whānau through regular newsletters and our website information and Facebook. We encourage parents and whānau to contribute to their child’s Learning Journal thereby strengthening the links between home and the child’s care environment.
During the year workshops are held for Educators on a range of topics including updating of Ministry of Education regulations, teaching practices, Policy and Procedure reviews.