Gingerbread Cottage is a privately owned homebased childcare service licensed and operating under the Ministry of Education Regulations. We currently have Educators and Nannies based in the Hamilton, Ngaruawahia and Huntly areas.
We employ qualified Early Childhood Education Visiting Teachers who work closely with each family to provide for the individual needs of the child placed in our care. Our teaching team are committed and passionate about providing quality care and education for preschool children.

Gingerbread Cottage Philosophy

We focus on developing warm, reciprocal relationships, ngā hononga, with all who join us; tamariki/whānau, Educators and staff. We believe that respectful relationships will foster a sense of belonging for all, and will enable us to be responsive to parent and whānau, with aspirations and expectations.
Play is seen as a valuable way for tamariki to learn. Our dedicated Educators therefore provide safe, nurturing and stimulating learning environments where tamariki are encouraged to play and explore in their own way and time, whakamana. Our homes, playgroups and excursions provide holistic learning, kotahitanga, opportunities for tamariki so that they can explore and socialise with others.
At Gingerbread Cottage we value and celebrate the culture, strengths and interests of each tamaiti, while promoting the bicultural heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand. Our ultimate aim is to affirm the individuality of each tamaiti so that they will continue to be competent, confident and contributing members of the community, whanau tangata.

Gingerbread Cottage Vision

The uniqueness of each tamaiti will be nurtured and celebrated so that they remain confident and competent individuals who will continue to make unique and valuable contributions to their communities.

Gingerbread Cottage Mission

To provide exceptional home learning environments where dedicated Educators are supported and guided by fully qualified and experienced teachers so that the individuality of each tamaiti is nurtured, celebrated and enhanced. In addition to our home learning environments we provide our own playgroup venue where we strive to develop a sense of belonging and inclusiveness for tamariki, whanau and Educators.

Gingerbread Cottage Whakatauki

He whānau kotahi tatou, ā ahakoa he iti he pounamu – We are one family, where each member is precious and valued.

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😍 You must read this!! And take note..

Child - How old are you, Grandma?
Grandma - I'm 81, dear.
Child - So does that mean you were alive during the Coronavirus?
Grandma - Yes, kid, I was.
Child - Wow. That must have been horrible, Grandma.
We were learning about that at school this week.
They told us about how all the schools had closed. And mum's and dads couldn't go to work so didn't have as much money to do nice things.
They said that you weren't allowed to go and visit your friends and family and couldn't go out anywhere.
They told us that the shops ran out of lots of things so you didn't have much bread, and flour, and toilet roll 'child giggles'.
They said that summer holidays were cancelled. And they told us about all those thousands of people that got very poorly and who died.
They explained about the NHS and how hard all the doctors and nurses and all NHS workers worked, and that lots of them died, too.
That must have been so horrible, Grandma!

Grandma - Well, that is all correct.
And I know that because I read about it when I was older.
But to tell you the truth I remember it differently...
I remember playing in the garden for hours with mum and dad and having picnics outside and lots of bbqs.
I remember making things with my Dad and baking with my Mum.
I remember making dens with my little brother and teaching him how to do hand stands and back flips. I remember having quality time with my family.
I remember mum's favorite words becoming 'Hey, I've got an idea...'
Rather than 'Maybe later or tomorrow im a bit busy'.
I remember making our own bread and pastry. I remember having film night 3 or 4 times a week instead of just one.
It was a horrible time for lots of people you are right.
But I remember it differently.
Remember how our children will remember these times.
Be in control of the memories they are creating right now, so that through all the awful headlines and emotional stories for so many that they will come to read in future years, they can remember the happy times.
Author unknown 💕
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Kia ora,
Friday evening we received a Covid 19 notification from the Ministry and we would like to share some of this information with you……
· The two key public health principles that support Alert Level 3 are first to minimise the risk that someone gets infected in the first place, and second to limit the number of possible contacts people have if they do get infected, to make it easier to rapidly stop further spread.

The Alert Level 3 approach in an early learning or school environment, is designed to limit the number of people that children have contact with based on these principles and because all the evidence points to children having a lower risk of getting infected and being affected by COVID-19, and it is possible to ensure that children are within the same group each day, it is safe from a public health perspective to have a group of children learning together in a room or physical space (but to keep that group small).

Parents can have confidence that the proposed approach is designed to keep children and their families safe, to keep staff safe and to support the country's overall response to COVID-19 to 'keep it out and stamp it out'.

Parents also have a role here, to fully support this approach by doing their bit – making sure that they inform their early learning service as to whether they need to have their children in early learning, keeping children home if they are unwell and seeking medical advice about whether a child may need to be tested; strictly maintaining their family 'bubble' outside the early learning or school environment; and ensuring great hygiene practices at all times.

The overriding principle for Alert Level 3 is therefore stay at home, other than for essential personal movement, going to work and attending early learning or school.
For education, the key public health measures announced for Alert Level 3 are:
· Parents and caregivers keep their children at home and maintain distance learning where that is possible, parents and caregivers can send children to early learning if they absolutely need to. (or if they have no other option)
Home based early learning activities can resume with multiple families’ children looked after in one location including the educators’ own children – provided the public health measures also observed.
The minimum licensed indoor space for children is increased from 2.5m per child to at least 3m per child. The outdoor requirement of 5m remains.
People at higher-risk of severe illness from COVID-19 (e.g. those with underlying medical conditions, especially if not well-controlled, and the elderly) are encouraged to stay at home due to lack of ability to physically distance from young children.
Indoor temperature which is currently a minimum of 16 degrees Celsius needs to be increased to 18 degrees Celsius.
Ensure that children have their own food containers and do not give and take food to and from each other.
A need to regularly disinfect all surfaces.
Wash and dry hands, cough into elbow, don’t touch your face.
Stay home if you’re sick, report flu-like symptoms.
Travel restricted to essential, including going to work and to early learning/school
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Kia ora parents and whānau

Yesterday we learned that the Government is considering moving to Level 3, however we will not have a definite answer to this until next Monday 20th.
In the coming days we will be taking the advice of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health and working with our teaching team to plan for when our service might reopen. Once we have a firm plan in response to the understood guidelines and timing, we will communicate further with you.
Our understanding today is that returning your child to care is a decision to be made by parents who will be returning to work in safe work places. If you are able to, we encourage you to keep your children at home however if this is not manageable, then the next stage will be for you speak to your Educator. Please be assured, if your Educator is unable to return to work at that time, we can discuss alternate care arrangements with you.

Our staff will continue to work from home but as always, they are available to be contacted by you by phone or email.
We hope this finds you all well in your bubbles and we look forward to being one step nearer to opening our doors and our arms to you and your tamariki.

Nga Mihi
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I really value the support we get at Gingerbread Cottage. It’s the little things that matter.


Gingerbread Cottage encourages personal development through Educational courses. They support educators and children and provide a safe and fun environment for children to explore at playgroups. They offer a varied range of excursions around the city and have a close bond with all the Educators and children.


I have been working with Gingerbread Cottage since it started.
I enjoy being part of the Gingerbread Cottage team and have always felt supported in working with the children.
I love our playgroup and the excursions that are offered to us every month. My care children always look forward to seeing our Visiting Teacher at our weekly playgroup and on her monthly visits to us.

 We have the freedom to extend the children’s learning in lots of different environments. Also there are workshops offered to us to help us be the best educator we can be.
In the past I have worked with other Homebased childcare companies but I’m with Gingerbread Cottage for the long haul!!